Results vs. Reality

A great look at what ‘daily life’ really entails here in Honduras. We are so happy to have Lindsey become more involved in One Day Revival and look forward to the great vision that God is playing out in her own life and our lives together!

My Life in Pencil

Sometimes I can be pretty impatient when it comes to “ministry”.

I am definitely a task-oriented person, I love lists and accomplishing them, and I like being able to see a specific result of a goal pursued. Now I know there is nothing wrong with that – productivity is certainly what keeps life going, and laziness is something we are called to avoid in Scripture. But the longer I work as a full-time missionary, the more I have found that ministry often doesn’t fit nicely into my list-accomplishing mindset.

Growing up (and even into my first few years after graduating from university), my view of a missionary was someone who moved to some exotic place and basically lived life straight out of the book of Acts….every day they would go out to meet with the local people, do some miracles or preach a sermon (because of course they had magically…

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