About Us

One Day Revival Ministries is aimed to love the broken and forgotten youth of Ciudad España, Honduras. Our dream is to see the young people of this community set free through real relationships that model the relationship that we have with Jesus Christ. We want to provide an open door, a safe refuge, and a place where they can find themselves in the Father. We believe in creating opportunities for young people to dream again and move forward in a real, positive way. One Day Revival is a place that has its doors open to all at all times. Our greatest goal is to show love to the lost and broken so that they can find and come to know Jesus.

We have several branches of ministry that work with our core values of building real, Christ-centered relationships with the young people of the community and teaching them to be successful members of their community.

Mission House-based Ministry: In May of 2017 we began renting a house in Ciudad España that serves as our ministry base. Out of the mission house, we have several programs that work to reach young people in the community. Current programs include: young women’s group, carpentry workshop & micro-business, and home visits for those involved in the ministry. We are currently raising $10,000 to purchase this home by October 1, 2018. You can make a donation towards this purchase HERE!

Young Mothers Ministry: Recognizing the need for guidance for young mothers, in December of 2016 we began visiting several young mothers on a regular basis. Many are connected to the young men with whom we work regularly and are in desperate need of help- physical, emotional, spiritual, and physical. We visit with our young mothers to encourage them, pray with them, and to give emergency help when needed.

Street Ministry: We work hard to meet the young people where they are (both physically and spiritually), and many times, we must go to the streets to find them. We do not give out anything when we do street ministry; we are working to build relationships. The goal is to get those who we meet in the street into the mission house so that we can connect them in some way with others in the ministry via programs or day-to-day discipleship.

Home Ministry: Before we began renting the mission house, ministry was based largely out of our homes. Even now that we have the mission house, that fact has not changed much! Our programs are based in the mission house, but life is done in our homes. We have a (seemingly) never-ending list of visitors and stay-ins between our two homes and collectively serve upwards to 15 people in each of our home everyday through meals, birthdays, and drop-in visits.

Education: We believe that education is the key to success in this world, and not just financially. We work to educate all of our young people to become respectful, productive, thoughtful citizens and encourage each of them to either study formally or learn a trade. We currently financially support one young man to attend university and support 2 high schoolers, 2 8th graders, and one first grader. Next year we hope to grow our education sponsorships so that we can help even more children who would not have otherwise had the opportunity to study.