Coffee Shop



Coffee is the number one drink in Honduras; everywhere you go there is always coffee for sale. Our vision is to open a vibrant, refreshing coffee shop that will be open to the public and will sell freshly brewed Honduran coffee with delicious cakes and cookies at an affordable price.

We want to provide a refreshing place that the people of Ciudad España can come to. A place where they will find peace and feel the presence of God. We will introduce different classes and events that can be based in our coffee shop, such as: English classes/ tutoring; vocational classes; Bible classes; football (soccer) training; movie nights; family dinners; art exhibits and much more.

The coffee shop will be used as an outreach to reach those at risk and to help show them that there are other choices in life to make other than turning to the gangs or to a life of drugs.

Since beginning to rent the mission house in May of 2017, we have begun to implicate some of our ‘coffee shop’ ideas. Recognizing that many will view the coffee shop simply as a business in the beginning, we have not begun to sell coffee or treats yet. We want the community to see the mission house as, first and foremost, a ministry. With time, we will train several people to be employed as baristas and bakers, and then we will open the coffee shop. In the meantime, we are allowing the community to become comfortable with our presence in the mission house and welcoming them to come and learn why we are there.

We currently offer free coffee and treats at any and all gatherings that we have in the mission house. The coffee house setting at the ministry house (with furniture made by our guys involved in the carpentry workshop) allows us to have real, honest conversations in an informal environment.