Coffee Shop/Community Center



The coffee shop property

ODRM is a small ministry with a BIG vision. As we are just beginning to grow and plant roots in our community, we are slowly starting to see how the vision that God has given us is coming to fruition.

Currently we rent a small home in the community that we use for all of our programs. By October 1, 2018, we plan to purchase this home in order to work even better with the future in mind. Thanks to many individuals, the purchase of this house is now FULLY FUNDED! We will move forward on the purchase of the mission house as planned.

If you would like to make a donation towards the next step in the vision- construction of a 2nd level of the mission house- you can do so here.


The mission house

In the future, we plan to purchase a larger property (pictured above) where we will build a coffee shop/community center that will then serve as the ministry base. At this property we will have a shed for the carpentry program, a small garden, upstairs apartments, and a fully operating coffee shop with a resource room. The resource room will have several computers and will be available for young people to work on homework, create resumes, etc. It will also have a small library with a reference section.

The property with the coffee shop/community center will be the culmination of everything we have been working towards these past several years. All of the young people who are involved in the ministry will no longer have to be in the streets during the day but will have a productive place to learn, serve, and be loved. The same young people will be helping with the garden, involved in the carpentry program, employed in the coffee shop, and will have all available resources at their fingertips.

The house that we currently rent (and will buy soon) will then be transformed into a visitor’s house for teams, groups, and individuals coming to visit and serve with the ministry. It will have a 2nd level complete with extra rooms, a 2nd bathroom, and a large meeting space.

If you would like more information or would like to hear more about this huge vision, please reach contact us!