In Honduras

Full Time Staff

Jennifer Olsen

Jen Olsen

Jennifer first came to Honduras in 2013 on a 2-month missions trip. While serving the poor, lost, and addicted in the streets of Tegucigalpa, she felt called to return to serve more permanently. In 2014 she moved to Honduras to serve alongside another ministry. There the Lord gave her the vision for One Day Revival Ministry- a coffee shop/community center focused on bringing at-risk young people out of the streets. In 2015 she moved to Ciudad España, where she currently lives and serves as director of ODRM and mom of many.


Luis Padilla

27067772_10212998940745381_5483934574209043429_nLuis grew up in various neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa before he moved to a small ministry that worked with young men from the streets. There he returned to school, learned English, and developed a love for serving as many short term groups passed through. After leaving the ministry, he moved to Ciudad España in 2014 and has been serving in One Day Revival Ministry since it was founded.




Steve Poulson

Steve is the leader of the mentor program with One Day Revival Ministry. He mentors 13-year-old Cristian and helps out whenever he can in the ministry. He works for a UK-based charity called Street Kids Direct and partners with various projects and ministries in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, with a focus on aiding organizational development, resilience, and sustainability.


Lindsey Kalk

16938811_10155137162924722_8551475650586277672_nLindsey originally came to Honduras as a teacher. During her time as a teacher, the Lord not only grew her love for Honduras and its people, but also her passions for good coffee and intentional community via authentic relationships, which started when she worked as a barista in college. The Lord gave her a vision of running a coffee shop that would embody the Gospel through hospitality, fellowship, empowerment, and discipleship in order to reach the broken and lost with the Love of Jesus AND support the work already being done in Honduras by established ministries. In 2016 she left teaching to become a full-time missionary in pursuit of that vision, volunteering and interning at various coffee shops in Honduras with similar missional mindsets. Lindsey met Jen through their large mission organization and currently volunteers with One Day Revival through practical, relational, and visionary support, with the intention of helping run the coffee shop in the future.