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Dani & Henry Cañadas 
Henry and Dani

My name is Dani, I am 28 years old and I was born in Scotland. I grew up in a Christian family and always dreamed of seeing the world and wanting to help people. My dream was to be a missionary. As I entered my teenage year I became distant from God and before I knew it I had forgotten about all my dreams of becoming a missionary. I was more interested in living a party lifestyle, enjoying friends, boyfriends, alcohol and drugs. This life style went on for years and as the years went on the more miserable I became. I was lonely, depressed and I had hated who I had become! I knew deep down that I was missing God and that I had to surrender all to him. Eventually that day came when I couldn’t handle the miserable life I was leading and I decided to run to God and surrender all that I had. My church helped me with getting me a stable job in their office and mentoring me. Slowly but surely I found the old Dani..the Dani that had been gone for so long. God then started to put on my heart the burning passion of doing missions. I wasn’t sure as I kept questioning myself and my old life “who am I? I cant go and help people after the rotten life I have lived.” God continued to work on my heart that I was ready and that He wanted to use me despite everything I used to be. God showed me He would use my old life to help others with their life. I applied for a missions trip called the World Race and I was accepted to go. I traveled to 11 different countries in 11 months in 4 different continents. It was the greatest time of my life. God done so much within my heart that year! I could never be the same again. I knew that when I returned I couldn’t return to normal living. One of the countries I fell in love with was Honduras. I loved everything about it – the people, the culture and I knew that many in Honduras needed Jesus. After my mission trip was over I returned to Honduras to work with a ministry for 10months. The Lord showed me many things and I knew in my heart that 1 day this country would be home. I met my husband in Honduras. His name is Henry and he is an Honduran national. It started off as a beautiful friendship that grew into so much more. Henry’s family live in Ciudad España. We would go and visit them there and sometimes go and stay during the holidays. Ciudad España felt like home to me. This was the place I wanted to be. The first time I went out at night to the football pitch my eyes were wide to see the streets full of young people. It was then that I realized that these people need somewhere to go, they need something to do, they need Jesus!!The following year I returned to Honduras and this time I went to Ciudad España to live. Me and Henry were married within a few months and shortly discovered that we were pregnant. We returned to Scotland to visit family and friends and to celebrate our marriage. We also decided to stay in Scotland to have our beautiful daughter Skye. We have been in Scotland over a year. We will be returning to Honduras to start our ministry/ coffee shop plans soon. God has blessed my life beyond belief. We are excited as a family to step into the unknown and wait for God to lead us and direct our path to be a light to the youth of Ciudad España.


Kalynn Jones

Kalynn first visited Honduras on a short term trip in 2013. She was on the same team as Jen and she met Dani that same summer at the small ministry where they served. She volunteers from Grovetown, GA and helps with administration, technology, and merchandise distribution.