Jennifer Olsen

Jen Olsen

Jen Olsen grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. In 2013 while attending the University of Illinois, she decided to take a different route one summer rather than look for an internship in her field. She had gone on various mission trips in high school but wanted something more intense than just a week long trip in the US. Since she had studied Spanish a couple of years, she decided to go to a Spanish-speaking country. Her choices were Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras. Out of the three, she knew the least about Honduras; so that’s where she went!
She spent two months in Tegucigalpa, Honduras serving with an existing ministry. During this time, God opened her heart and developed in her a passion for street ministry, primarily with young people. Before leaving, she had already committed to coming back for two years to continue serving alongside the ministry.
She went back to the states in July 2013, graduated with a degree in astrophysics in December 2013, and moved back to Honduras in April 2014.
After about 8 months of serving alongside the previous ministry, God called her to break out on her own to serve. In January 2015 she moved to Ciudad Espana, a smaller community located about an hour outside of Tegucigalpa that was created after Hurricane Mitch.
During her first year in Ciudad Espana, she worked with various families and a myriad of young people in the form of educational support, emergency help, ongoing relationships, and temporary housing.
Currently, she directs goings-on in the mission house, teaches English in the juvenile prison (when those on the inside are allowed to have visitors), serves local families, provides housing for young people, and always has her door open to the community.

Jen enjoys reading a good book and enjoys it even more when she has a good cup of coffee to accompany her. In her free time she likes to go on walks through the mountains with Lobo, her Siberian Husky, and enjoys cooking. She is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with the youth and is almost always surrounded by more youth than she can keep track of.

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