Mission & Vision

“Ministering to the people of Honduras and reviving His Kingdom…One Day at a time”

We want to see revival in Honduras. We believe in working with the people of this community- taking one day at a time. Each and every day we spend with the people in the community will help us to build stronger relationships that will help the people to trust us.
That one day will come where we will see those that have been lost and in the dark able to see hope and begin to dream again. That one day will come where they will find Jesus!

One day we will see Revival.

  • We believe that God sent His one and only son Jesus to die for us ALL. He even came for the people from the small town in Honduras- Ciudad Espana. We want the people of this community to know that they are not forgotten and that they are deeply loved.
  • We believe that God didn’t just come for the “Holy Ones” but He came for the gang members, the drug addicts, the prostitutes, the depressed, the broken hearted. He came for us all. Our goal is for the people of this community to know that they have not been rejected and that their heavenly Father is waiting for them to come as they are.
  • Our vision is to show Love to all no matter their background. We believe that there is grace for everyone and that Love will conquer all.
  • Practically we want to provide different opportunities and skills for those needing help in seeking work or those that are trying to change their lives whether that’s through learning English, finding help in their school work, needing assistance in looking for a job, learning more about our heavenly father through the word, activities such as football training and art or even just having a place to simply come and speak with someone about life.
  • We want to have a refreshing coffee shop running that can welcome all from the community. This will be a place where they can come in and relax with a cup of coffee and a piece of delicious cake. A place for them to come and feel the presence and peace of God. A place where they can seek friendship if their lonely, advice for the worried and GODS LOVE FOR THE BROKEN.
  • Ciudad Espana has a large population of young people. At night many youth come out and fill the street. One of the biggest problems with this community is that there is nothing for the youth to do. There isn’t any youth clubs running. Young people are bored and have no motivation for their life. Many turn to drugs and gang life. The coffee shop will be a place that young people can come to. A place for youth to find themselves and discover new activities that they have an interest in. It will be a place to help inspire the youth into living a better life.