Monthly Updates

September 2018

We have the pleasure to share with friends and supporters a wonderful update- the mission house is fully funded! That’s right- fully funded. At the beginning of October we will close on the purchase of the house and then will immediately move to the first stage of renovations- building a second floor! We are so excited about this and are thankful to all of our supporters, friends, and family who have helped us to reach this point.




August 2018- We are continuously amazed at all of the visitors that God brings to this ministry so that it can continue to grow. In the past week alone we have had 4 new people come to see the ministry- 3 that live in Honduras and one who is a visiting missionary from Peru. May God continue to grow the ministry and its leadership community so that we may serve well.

To read more about what has been going on recently in the ministry, you can check out the August newsletter HERE. Don’t forget to click ‘subscribe’ after reading so that future newsletters will go straight to your inbox!



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