Why the Youth?


In Honduras there is a great number of young people at risk. Sadly, in Honduras it is very hard to make a fair living. With almost 63% of Hondurans living in poverty, young people are desperate to find ways to provide for themselves and their families. Many young people are turning to gang culture and drugs, and Honduras has even earned the nickname of “The murder capital of the world” due largely to its gang problem. Young people are believing the lie that turning to the gangs will give them a better chance for success and a place to make good money and to have a family for life. We know this lifestyle will only bring death and despair.

Our aim is to work with the young people at risk for drug/alcohol use, gang involvement, and general life in the streets. We want to provide a place that will give them the opportunity to learn different skills and of course a place where they can know more about the love of our Heavenly Father- a place where they will be loved and accepted.

We believe that the best way to minister to anyone is through relationships, and young people are no different. At One Day Revival Ministry, we work to build real, lasting, Christ-centered relationships that exemplify the love of our Father. We all yearn for connections in this broken world, and we work to connect on a personal level with the young people in Ciudad Espana through conversations and ministry programs/outreach. Many of these young people do not have positive role models in their lives and do not receive the love they deserve (and need) from their families or anyone in their home environment. We aim to change that!